Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Inside Your Own Home

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Can your identity be stolen from people entering your home?

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Inside Your Own Home

You should be careful about your personal information and data on the Internet by only using secure sites and making sure your credit card information isn't available to hackers. But did you know that identity thieves have an old fashioned way of getting information they want right out of your home?

People such as home health care workers giving care to the elderly, repairmen fixing leaking pipes or broken windows, housekeepers, relatives and friends all have access into your home. While we would like to believe that nobody that we know will steal from us, unfortunately it does happen. Follow these simple tips to keep your personal information safe in your home.

Tip #1: Look at Mail Immediately

Even if you know that your mail is a credit card statement, you should still open the letter and not leave it lying around where someone can grab it up while leaving. Place important mail that you need to address immediately into a drawer. Don't leave it in open view.

Tip #2: Shred Mail You Don't Need

Always destroy mail and other documents that hold information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and bank account numbers. This prevents thieves from getting the information from out of the trash.

Tip #3: Lock It Away

All your important documents -- birth certificates, passports, and statements -- should be placed in a locked drawer or safe that only you know the combination to or have the key to open. You won't have to worry about anyone getting at your information.



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