Ways Criminals Conduct Identity Theft

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What are some ways criminals conduct identity theft on the Internet?

Ways Criminals Conduct Identity Theft

If you want to help prevent online identity theft, it's important to know the ways criminals conduct Internet identity theft:

  • Hackers can snatch passwords from your computer if you say 'yes' to 'remember me' when you logon to a site. It's alway s a good idea to retype your password each time you logon.
  • Criminals will take the time to figure out your password. They will use your birthday, children's names, pet's names, hobbies, etc. to get your password. Your Myspace or Facebook page offers enough personal information for them to get started. If they can't figure it out, there's software available to help them commit cyber identity theft. Always use nonsense letters and numbers when creating passwords, where possible.
  • Identity thieves like to access unsecure web sites to obtain personal information. The address of a secure site will begin with 'https:'. Also look for a padlock or key symbol on your screen. If the padlock is open or the key is broken, beware.
  • Hackers who like to commit online credit card theft may change your address to set up billing at another location to keep you from finding out that your identity has been compromised.
Be sure to use only secure sites when conducting business or sending personal information online. Use a firewall and identity theft protection software to prevent criminals from getting your information.



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