What You Should Expect from Identity Theft Protection Services

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What should I expect from an identity theft protection service?

What You Should Expect from Identity Theft Protection Services

If you are looking into an identity theft protection company, be sure to do your research. Many offer different levels of protection from identity theft, but be sure you are getting the full range of service to protect your private information.

Look for these identity theft protection services:
• Free credit report score services
• Daily scanning of the credit bureaus
• At least one free public records report
• Daily scanning for fraudulent credit applications made in your name
• Daily surveillance of sites frequented by identity thieves
• Computer identity protection software (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc.)
• Secure storage for your personal records and financial information, accessible from your PDA and/or PC
• Wi-Fi protection from any location
• Free identity theft protection trial
• Lost wallet services
• Prompt notification of changes to your private information, public records, and credit files
• Convenient operating hours with live customer service operators
• Reasonable cancellation policy
• Good reputation
Avoid companies that claim to "prevent all identity theft." According to experts, identity theft cannot be prevented, but taking measures to protect against identity theft can minimize the risk.



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