Identity Theft Protection and Your Computer

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How can I keep my computer safe from identity theft?

Identity Theft Protection and Your Computer

Online identity theft protection and fraud protection begins with minimizing your risk. Here are some identity theft solutions you should consider for your home computer:
• Anti-virus software - Protects your computer from becoming infected with harmful viruses from downloads.
• Anti-spyware - Spyware allows scammers to 'spy' on your Internet habits and personal information. Anti-spyware should be part of any security software you install. These programs scan for Trojan horses, tracking cookies, and other forms of invasive spyware.
• Firewall - Stops scans and attacks that find holes in your software and hardware security.
• Automatic updates - Helps keep Windows programs up-to-date and running efficiently and protects against threats.
• Parental controls - Allows you to control where your kids go online.
• Anti-keylogger - Products like PRIVACYPROTECT® encrypt and decrypt keystrokes to keep thieves from stealing information.
• Security Suite software like ZoneAlarm® - Offers anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall, and parental controls, in one product.
Also, keep these tips in mind:
• Use unique passwords whenever possible and change them regularly.
• Do not use 'remember my password.'
• Beware of using WiFi. Change your base station default password to something hard-to-guess. Be sure your wireless network password is encrypted. Never send data over WiFi unless you know the connection is secure.
• Always use a secure site, especially for credit card theft protection.
A reputable identity protection company will provide computer safety services such as anti-virus protection, encryption, WiFi controls, access to your credit accounts, and identity theft monitoring.



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