How to Prevent Identity Theft: Your Mail

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How can I avoid identity theft through the mail?

How to Prevent Identity Theft: Your Mail

A favorite past time of identity thieves is stealing information from your mail. Follow these tips to prevent identity theft:

  • Take your outgoing mail to a U.S. Postal Service mailbox or to the post office to prevent identity theft via your mail.
  • Use a locking mailbox with a slot to secure your incoming mail. Your identity can be compromised when a thief takes your credit card statements, bank statements, and bills.
  • Do not write account numbers on the outside of envelopes.
  • Use security tinted envelopes when mailing bills and documents containing your personal information.
  • If you take a trip, arrange for your mail to be put on hold by the post office.
  • Do not leave mail in the box overnight.
  • Monitor your monthly bills and financial statements. If they do not arrive when expected, call the sender.
  • On how to stop identity theft, the U.S. Postal Service recommends that you review your consumer credit reports each year.
  • If you are serious about avoiding identity theft, call a reputable identity protection company that can help monitor any changes to your credit and/or public records.



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