Some Banks and Monitoring Services Staff Recovery Assistants

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Where can I get an advocate to help me recover from identity theft?

Some Banks and Monitoring Services Staff Recovery Assistants

You may be well-informed about protecting yourself from identity theft fraud, but once you become a victim, you discover that you know far less than you thought about what steps to take for identity theft restoration.

While most agencies can offer assistance in the form of advice and information on how you can navigate the recovery process yourself, many people would prefer to find an advocate who can handle the details for them. There are some opportunities for accessing on-staff help.

In an effort to attract new depositors and differentiate from their competition, some community banks and credit unions are partnering with insurers and/or major banks, like Citibank, to offer their customers free identity theft recovery service. Each victim is assigned an expert who serves as an advocate on their behalf, helping notify governmental agencies, prepare documents, contact creditors, and provide any other assistance specific to the individual situation. Contact your bank to find out if it offers identity theft advocate services to its customers.

If you subscribe to a fraud monitoring or fraud alert service, it is likely that the business keeps full-time specialists on staff to provide informational support, as well as interact with companies on your behalf when possible. While it will be necessary for you to remain involved in filling out paperwork and responding to investigators' questions, having someone who oversees the details and can tell you ‘what's next' in the process can be a big relief during a very stressful time.



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