How to Correct Fraudulent Information in Credit Reports

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How can I correct fraudulent information on my credit report?

How to Correct Fraudulent Information in Credit Reports

Identity theft fraud can be an unpleasant experience with a time-consuming recovery period for identity theft restoration. But if you know what to send and whom to send it to the process will go much easier.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) established procedures for correcting fraudulent credit report information. Under the FCRA, the consumer reporting company and the business that sent the information to them (information provider) are both responsible to correct fraudulent information. Protect yourself under the law by contacting both of them.

Consumer Reporting Company

To have fraudulent information blocked from appearing on your credit report, send the consumer reporting agency a copy of a completed identity theft report along with a letter that outlines the specific fraudulent information. In your letter, clearly state that the specified information does not relate to any transaction made and was not authorized by you. The company may require proof of your identity to accompany the correspondence, so it is a good idea to contact them by phone to verify requirements.

The company has four business days after accepting your identity theft report to block the fraudulent information. It is also the responsibility of the consumer reporting company to notify the information provider about the blocked information.

Information Provider

Although the consumer reporting company notifies the information provider of blocked fraudulent information, it is a good idea for you to send a letter of your own along with a copy of the completed identity theft report. State in the letter that the information they are reporting resulted from identity theft.



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