“Need to Know” Resources for Victims of Identity Theft

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Where can identity theft victims get information about what to do?

“Need to Know” Resources for Victims of Identity Theft

When you fall prey to identity theft one of your first thoughts might be, “what do I do?” Connecting with an identity theft resource center can quickly provide all the information and advice you need to stop identity thieves in their tracks, take action to repair the damage, and get you on the road to recovery, protection, and prevention of future threats. Depending on the severity of damages, reputable identity theft resources can even connect you to contacts for identity theft investigation or an identity theft attorney.

“Job one” for any identity theft victim is to take action the moment you suspect fraudulent activity. Governmental agencies like the Federal Trade Commission, and consumer advocate organizations offer high-value “need to know” information on who to call for what, how to compile documentation, what forms to fill out and where to send them. And private companies are taking the lead in helping to navigate the maze of protection and prevention by designing fraud protection and security options that gives you well-deserved peace of mind.



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