Identity Theft Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for all the fraudulent charges made on my credit card?

Where can identity theft victims get information about what to do?

I think I am a victim of identity theft – what do I do first?

What is my liability for the unauthorized use of my stolen ATM card?

Do I need credit card loss protection insurance?

What can I do to protect myself from identity theft?

Will a fraud alert on my credit reports protect me from future identity theft damages?

How can I protect myself from identity theft?

Am I overreacting to be worried about identity theft?

How prevalent are identity theft crimes?

What is the most damaging kind of identity theft?

What is the difference between identity theft and identity fraud?

What is identity theft?

How safe am I from online identity theft?

How can I guard against online identity theft?

Should I explain what online identity theft is to my children?

Am I at risk of identity theft from free downloads from the Internet?

How dangerous is online identity theft?

What penalties are there for identity thieves?

Why are so few identity theft crimes prosecuted?

Are there mandatory sentences for identity theft criminals?

How can I prevent identity theft?

How can I prevent online identity theft?

How can I avoid becoming a victim of identity theft?

I’ve been a victim of identity theft – how do I get my life back?

How long will it take me to recover from identity fraud?

What’s included in an identity fraud report?

How do I report credit card fraud?

I’m a victim of identity theft – how do I report it?

What is the most common type of identity theft?

What is “Phishing”?

What is criminal fraud?

What is investment fraud?

What is Mail Theft?

What is a “credit card bustout” for bankruptcy fraud?

What is passport fraud?

Is there such a thing as student loan fraud?

What exactly is phone fraud?

What is Social Security Identity Theft?

Are there organizations specifically set up to help victims of identity theft?

Can fraudulent charges be blocked from appearing on my credit report?

What can I do if my bank won’t cooperate to resolve problems from identity theft?

What do I do if my checks have been stolen?

What is an ID Theft Affidavit?

Are there services that will assist me in reporting identity theft?

How many people are victims of identity theft each year?

How widespread is identity theft?

How are businesses affected by identity theft?

How much time does a victim spend to report credit issues after ID theft?

How many instances of phishing are there each year?

How long does it take for my credit to be cleared after identity theft?

How long does it take before someone realizes he/she is a victim of ID theft?

What are ‘breeder’ documents?

How does identity theft occur?

What is pretexting?

How do identity thieves use my information?

How does online identity theft occur?

Can identity theft be prevented?

Can anything be done to thwart online phishing scams?

How do online identity thieves get information?

What is pharming?

How will I know if I’m at a legitimate web site?

What can I do if debt collectors demand payment for fraudulent charges?

Are deceased individuals subject to identity theft crimes?

What is FACTA?

What is the Identity Theft Prevention Act?

What is the cost of putting a security freeze on my credit reports?

How do I stop phone and mail solicitations that put me at risk of identity theft?

What is the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act?

Are state laws and penalties for identity theft different from the federal laws?

How effective are using automated reports to document identity theft?

How do I organize my information to report identity theft?

What information do I need to include in a blocking letter?

What information do I include in a dispute letter to notify creditors of fraudulent charges?

Who investigates online identity theft?

How do I get debt collectors to stop calling on fraudulent accounts?

How do I prove I am an identity theft victim?

How do I clear a criminal record that resulted from ID theft?

What records do I have to keep while restoring my credit from identity theft?

Why should I use the FTC’s Identity Theft Affidavit?

How can I correct fraudulent information on my credit report?

Where can I get an advocate to help me recover from identity theft?

When should I involve a lawyer to help recover from ID theft?

Should I invest in identity theft insurance and monitoring services?

How does a credit report help protect me from identity theft?

What are some of the things I can personally do to protect from identity theft?

How can I be proactive to guard against identity theft?

How can I protect my kids from being targeted by identity thieves?

Is there an easy way to remember the basics for preventing identity theft?

How can identity theft be prevented in schools?

Are state legislators doing anything to help prevent identity theft?

How can active duty military personnel prevent identity theft while deployed?

What can businesses do to prevent identity theft?

What am I supposed to be looking at on my credit report that indicates identity theft?

What is the punishment for passport fraud?

Can an identity thief be charged with more than one crime?

How do state identity theft laws affect penalties?

Why is online ID theft difficult to prosecute?

Is ID theft perpetuated by victims who don’t prosecute?

Are there any plans for stronger prosecution standards for identity theft?

What is my State doing about identity theft?

How can I protect my credit if my identity is compromised?

What is spyware and what does it have to do with online identity theft?

What should I do if I've been the victim of identity theft and a debt collector calls?

Can your identity be stolen from people entering your home?

How do I know my personal identity has been stolen?

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